Explore a Frozen World

And it came to pass after countless turns that reduced us to only a few hands of people, he walked out of the snowstorm, a stranger from the North. In simple robes, he had crossed the endless sea of ice and snow that is our barren world, showing no signs of discomfort from the punishing cold.

He called himself In-o-way but spoke words none of us could understand, even if his words held no meaning for us, he performed a miracle. He pushed the ice back uncovering the land below, the act was violent and frightening, many fled but those that remained, like me, witnessed his next miracle as he parted the clouds and the light and warmth long denied shone down upon us, we fell to our knees and pledged our lives to the stranger who commanded the ice and sky.

From the Holy Scrolls of Jesept – Reclamation Year One

The Guardians