Fight for Riches, Fight With Honor

Are You Brave Enough to Heed the Call of the Hero?

We have found an ice-entombed world hurling through the void, where the people reclaimed a small portion of the land from ice and foes using powerful abilities that are very rare in the cosmos. Intrigued, we are about to send the first of us to begin the investigation of...

Mercenary World: Aadorran

one girl and two boys standing

What are Mercenary Worlds?

Mercenary Worlds emerge in various stages of their development, the evolution of abilities and levels of technology. We seek out these worlds and the entities that inhabit them to learn about their current society and their hidden past.

Aadorran is a world steeped in mystery and undiscovered history where a mercenary-based society has reclaimed a small portion of itself and is fighting for its existence against the planet and the forces arrayed against them.